Women’s council

Women’s Council
The faculty is working in the direction of spirituality and education along with the initial committee of the women’s council. 30 August 2018, Scientific Council of the Faculty, leader of Women’s Council of the Faculty was approved by the senior lecturer of the Department of German language and literature M.Ametova.
The plan of work performed by the initial organization of the faculty Women’s Council for the 2018-2019 academic year, being confirmed, on the basis of this plan, together with students and professors of the faculty, talks, meetings on the prevention of crimes and offenses among women, suicide, the results of early marriage, aimed at the formation of reproductive health.
Among young girls and women, great work is being done to increase interest in creativity and reading fiction; the “Oyla” , “Qizlarjon” , “Zulfiyakhonim” clubs are conducting their work , aimed at widely promoting healthy lifestyles and ideas about the sacredness of the family and a healthy life, also organizing meaningful free time among girls and women.
Since 2011, on the initiative of the Women’s Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of the decree on the organization of the “Ozoda qizlar” (from 2018  “Qizlarjon” ) a club is carried out, and it should be noted about the broad organization of work of these circles in all higher educational institutions of the Republic.
On the part of the organization, with the participation of members of the circle, each department holds contests, seminars and weekly exercises called “Salomatlik sirlari”, “Vatan oyladan boshlanadi”. Also, among the students there are various contests called “President asarlari bilimdoni”, “ Davr qizlari “, “Talabalar uyi-o’z uyim”, “Madaniyatli kiyinish-ozodalik belgisi”, “Xunarlining qo’li oltin”, “Gulzorga aylansin bu guzal diyor”.
To promote women’s health, sport plays an important role. Near the women’s committee organized by the women’s sports club. Many of our students and professors are members of this club. In connection with the organization of the club, various sports competitions are regularly held between young students and professors and teachers. For example, in the pre-holiday on March 8, 2018, the team of teachers took the 1st place in volleyball, the team of young students took the 1st place in basketball and an employee of our faculty R.Jaksimova took the 2nd place of the chess tournament in Nukus.
There are more than 800 female students at the faculty, most of whom are girls with high achievements: N.Ibragimova and Kh. Allamuratova  owners of  Navoi scholarship, G.Keulimzhaeva –owner of scholarship named after Berdakh,  O. Ataev  and  A. Sarsenbaeva – scholarships of DAAD exchange program of Germany. As well as, A. Yusupov,  A. Aybergenov,  K. Matyakupov , S. Saparov , having achieved positive results in such sports as Rugby and Taekwondo, became members of the elected team of Uzbekistan.  Scientific articles and abstracts of our students  M.Atazhanova, N.Tanirbergenova,  P.Daryabaeva,  N.Kazakbaeva,  A.Aitmuratova, S.Nuranova and  M.Alymbetova were published in the scientific direction in international, republican and university academic journals.