Theory and practice of translation

The department of theory and practice of translation was separated from the department English Philology in 2014, September. J.Seytjanov is heading the department at the moment. It involves 12 professor-teachers, two of them are candidate of science, one is senior teacher and the rest are assistant teachers. The department of theory and practice of translation 5120200 (on languages) teaches bachelors. The professor-teachers have been participating into Republic and International conferences and such scientific-theoretic events with their reports.  Scientific articles written by professor-teachers of the department have been published on University and Republic magazines. During 2017-2018 academic year, 5 scientific articles and more than 10 thesis were printed on magazines  “ҚМУ хабаршысы” and  “Teachers and continuous education”  by professor-teachers. Moreover, cooperation with intellectual students being  improved, a scientific article by a third-year student, J.Seytnazarov and three articles by a second-year student, G. Koblanova were gone out of print  on  collection of articles “Problems of Languages and Translation” published every year.  Two dictionaries  under the supervision of senior-teacher, Y.Karimov, two methodical manuals by J.Seytjanov, N.Tajigalieva and S.Arzimbetova, and a monograph by J.Seytjanov were pressed during last academic year.

“Int-trans club” and “Young translators” courses keep actively working nowadays. “Int-trains training club” including 35 member students, they  attend their scientific works on every Thursday and Saturday. “Young translators” club consisting of 15 students who are interested in Literature and Science, they report about their implemented tasks at the end of every month.

Assistants of the department, I.Kurbanbaev and R.Jumamuratova are working on their scientific researches.  The assistant teacher, R.Jumamuratova is going to undertake her scientific research named “Lacunarity in English, Kazak and Karakalpak languages” under the supervision of  doctor of Philological Science, Professor A.E.Mamatov in 2020.  I.Kurbanbaev plans to undertake his research  named “The phenomenon of transformation as a stylistic device in translated fiction (on the material of the English, Russian and Karakalpak languages)” together with the supervisor, doctor of Philological Science and Professor D.Kulmamatov in 2020.


Published works by professor-teachers of the department

Literature in a concept of world picture, Ajiniyaz’s legacy and his impact on Karakalpak literature and William Shakespeare as a landmark in the development of English lyrics and his approach to world literature is investigated in this manual. The manual is devoted to teachers, young researchers, students studying at foreign language faculty and to wider society who are doing their scientific works in English and Karakalpak literature.



Status in language and tasks of addresses, compound sentences and connection with its parts, limits of use, use of genitive parts in English and Uzbek languages have been researched in this monograph. This monograph is useful for young scientists and researchers training with English and Uzbek language problems, students who study at department of  Philology, as well as people interested in Comparative Linguistics and  theory of translation.