The russian language and literature

The teaching staff of the department of Russian language and literature annually publishes scientific articles in National and International journals. Thus, in foreign scientific journals scientific articles were published: by professor Hwan L.B. in the journal “Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language: Experience and Prospects” on the topic “Lingvo culturological Approach to Teaching Russian in Higher Education Institutions of Uzbekistan”, in the journal “Issues of Content, Development and Management of Curricula in Foreign Languages in Foreign Universities” on the topic “Improving programs in the Korean language in the conditions of universities of Uzbekistan”; by associate professor Khudaybergenova U.K. in the journal “Theory and Practice of Modern Science” on the theme “Moral asa form of spiritual culture”; by senior teachers Kalandarova G.N. and Abdireymova D.K. co-authored with associate professor Khudaybergenova U.K. in the journal “Actual problems of the humanities and natural sciences” on the topic “Features of aesthetic thought of the Muslim East in the Middle Ages”; by associate professor Amanova A.A. in the magazine “NovaInfo.Ru” on the topic “Typological category of a numeral (on the example of the work “The Golden Beetle” by Edgar Poe and “Viy” by Nikolai Gogol)”; by associate professor Khodjaniyazova A.A. in the journal “Internauka” on the topic “Analysis of traditional methods of assessing the level of preparedness of Karakalpak schoolchildren in the Russian language”; by senior teacher Kalandarova G.N. and assistant teacher Atajanova G.Yu. in the journal “Internauka” on the topic “Modern pedagogical technologies in teaching the Russian language in a national audience”, by assistant teacher Khoshmuratova I.P. in the journal “Actual issues of modern science” on the theme “The use of proverbs and sayings in the Russian language as a lesson”.

In the Republican scientific journals, in particular, “Bulletin” of Karakalpak State University and “Korean Studies of Uzbekistan”, the following teachers of the department published their scientific articles: professor Khvan L.B., associate professors Khudaybergenova U.K., Amanova A.A., senior teacher Kabulov S.T., assistants Tursinmuratov Sh.M., Khoshmuratova I.P.

At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, the teaching staff of the department published 1 monograph, 3 textbooks, 21 scientific articles in foreign and national journals.

The department is actively working on the development of national spirituality and culture of students. Every year, literary evenings, quizzes and discussions are organized at the department on a university scale. At the department under the leadership of the head of the department Khudaybergenova U.K. the section “Society of Russian literature’s lovers ” is functioning. Members of this section are 10 gifted students. They conduct research work, participate in seminars, and discuss their scientific topics together with the assigned scientific leaders.


The scientific works of teachers of the departmentof Russian language and literature

In 2018, Professor Hwan L.B. published a monograph “Korean diaspora in Uzbekistan: fate, parental home”. This monograph is devoted to the history of the deportation of Koreans, the revival of the Korean diaspora, the importance of the history of the content of cooperation between Korea and Uzbekistan. The monograph was published by Istiklol Publishing House in Tashkent.
In 2018, in collaboration with associate professor Kabulova L.T., assistant Khoshmuratova I.P. and graduate student Saidov A.B. there was published the textbook “Modern Russian. Workshop on phonetics”. This textbook on the phonetics of the modern Russian language is a practical set of tasks and exercises for students studying Russian.
In 2018, in co-authorship of assistants, Sheribaev E.B., Khoshmuratova I.P. and graduate students Khamidullaeva G.A., Saidov A.B. there was published the textbook “Modern Russian. Syntax”. The manual contains a summary of the theoretical issues of modern syntax, focused mainly on the implementation of language analysis by students.

This manual is adressed to students of philological faculties of higher educational institutions.

In 2019, in collaboration with associate professor Khojaniyazova A.A. and graduates students Aytmuratova T.M. and Aminbayeva N.K. there was published the textbook “Methods of teaching Russian language”. The tutorial presents theoretical and practical information on teaching of various sections of the Russian.

This manual reveals current, essential issues of the present, reflects new trends and approaches to the organization of the Russian as a lesson.

The manual is intended for teachers – linguists and students – future philologists.