The german language and literature


The members of the department and gifted students of the department published scientific articles in various Republican and foreign scientific journals and collections in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Assistant of the Department A. Mambetniyazova and A. Taekayeva “Place of conditioned members of the sentence in the text”, assistants G. Babayev, M. Paluanova, student S. Nuranova “Signs of terms as the basis of their classification”, G. Babaeva, M. Paluanov “Term as the basis of scientific and technical translation “. in the collection of scientific conference Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky University of Ukraine. A. Dzhumamuratov, M. Zhumamuratova, st.3-course Dzhumamuratov K. “Grammar-semantic analysis of a definite article of the English language” in the collection of international scientific practical conferences Tyumen, Russia, 2019 A.Jumamuratov G. Babayev, M. Paluanov “Presenz of the German language and its equivalent in Karakalpak” materials of the Republican Scientific – Practical Conference, Karshi State University. Associate Professor A. Kurbanbaev, A. Dzhumamuratov and student F. Khidirbaeva “Morphological features of numerals in German and Karakalpak languages” in the journal “Bulletin No. 1 of KSU 2018 A. Kurbanbaev, senior teacher M. Ametova and student A. Aytmuratova“ Typological features of the infinitive in the German and Karakalpak languages ​​”in the journal” Bulletin number 3 KSU.2018 And also theses were published in collections of scientific conferences. 2018 A. Kurbanbayev, B. Ilyasov “Poslelogs in Karakalpak”, A. Kurbanbayev, Art. A. Aytmuratov, “A submissive predicative sentence in the subordinate union and its equivalents in Karakalpak”, A. Kurbanbayev, Art. U. Otaeva “On Some Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language”.There is a circle in the department called “Deutsch-Sprechenklub” “German-Talk Club” since 2014. The circle works according to the schedule 2 times a month. There are students who have been on scientific trips to Germany.In the 2017-2018 academic year, the 3rd year student Victoria Zhalgasbayeva at the University of Aachen, the 2018-2019 academic year Sarsenbayeva Aydin in Hamburg, Ataeva Ogulnur Trier University improved their knowledge in language monthly courses. Among the faculty, Associate Professor A. Kurbanbaev in 1995 held 15 day lectures at the University of Bonn. Assistant J. Kurbanov at the Goethe Institute of the city of Rothenburg increased his language classification in a two-month course. A. Jumamuratov at the University of Hamburg Bundeswehr, A. Mambetniyazov at the University of Austria, D. Berdimuratov at the University of Bremerhaven increased their classifications.The scientific topic of the senior lecturer D. Berdimuratov was revised and approved in connection with the change of the scientific director “Principles of the lexicographical interpretation of verbal phraseological units (based on the explanatory dictionary) of the German language”. Scientific adviser approved d. F. n prof. M.E. Umarkhodzhayev and the defense of his doctoral dissertation are planned for 2019, the scientific theme of G. Babaeva “Linguistic and cultural research of the concept of politeness in German, Uzbek and Karakalpak languages” Scientific adviser Ph.D., Professor H. Rakhimov. The scientific theme of M. Ametova “Studying of the cross-sectional materials of the German language in the universities of Uzbekistan. Scientific adviser Ph.D., Professor H. Rakhimov. Both dissertations are planned for 2020 ”.In order to catch the scientific potential of the department, teachers are planning to publish scientific articles in various scientific journals of the Republican scale.And also improved work with gifted students, planned joint issues of scientific articles and abstracts.

The scientific work of the faculty of the department.


Sprich Deutsch! Speak German !. This manual is intended for self-study of the German language by school students, college students and academic lyceums, as well as students studying German as a second language. This toolkit improves the language skills of learners of the German
“Diskurs und Textanalyse” “Discourse and text analysis”. The manual is intended to work with works of art, understanding their content through translation. It also helps enhance the students’ spoken language.
“Deutsches Wortspiel” – “German puns”. This manual is intended for those interested in learning more about German. In the first part filling in the missing places with the right words, in the second part solving crossword puzzles on various topics, in the third making up stories based on these pictures. The manual helps in-depth study of the words of the German language and vocabulary enrichment.
“The linguistic status of the verbal phraseology and the basics of the general phraseography of the explanatory dictionary.” This paper summarizes the principles of representation of the verb phraseology of the modern German language in the explanatory dictionary (CU). In this case, we consider it most appropriate to proceed from the systemic organization of a separate phraseological unit (phraseological unit) and its interdependent relations and relations with other phraseological units.
The practical significance of the monograph is the ability to use its results in improving the explanatory dictionaries of German and other languages and in deepening the process of teaching phraseology, lexicology, style and lexicography to bachelor-philologists and in the applied aspects of vocabulary, translation and language teaching on the basis of phraseology.