Interfaculty Departments of foreign languages

The interfaculty department of foreign languages includes 25 people: 2 associate professors, candidates of philological sciences, one senior teacher and 22 assistants
The professors and teachers of interfaculty chair of Foreign languages have had their scientific articles published in Republic, international journals and internet on- line journals “ Economics and socium”, scientific practical journals “ Theory and practice of modern science “, international scientific – practical journals . Specifically, J. Taspanova “ The place of phraseological constructions in Karakalpakstan press” in the journal”Communication in the modern world “ of Voronej State university and “ The category of number in Russian and English languages” in “ Theory and practice of modern science” journal , R. Eschanova “ Effective use of audiovisual aids in teaching English “ the article in “ Economics and socium”, electronic scientific- practical periodic journal , “Theoretical aspects of formation of communicative competence at English classes at “ Theory and practice of modern science “ international scientific – practical journal , M. Kalabaeva and G Tleumuratov “ Components of type N+N as distinctors of gender nomination persons in English and Karakalpak languages “ article in international scientific journal “ Innovation science “ of Scientific publishing centre “ AETERNA” , Z. Moldakhmetova “ Use of newest information technologies in teaching English “ the article in an electronic on-line journal “ Economics and socium” , I .Xodjalepesova “ The role of audition in teaching English” in “ Economics and socium” . I. Mambetova “ The role of information technology in social and cultural development “ in “ Eastern European Scientific “ journal . assistant teacher G. Allaniazova “ Testing students language skills at English classes “ , a thesis at scientific- practical conference at the Centre of Development of Innovative methods in teaching Foreign languages under Us SWLU , assistant teacher R. Eschanova “ Comparative study of Tense forms of verbs in Karakalpak and English languages “ article in “ Teacher and continuous education “ journal , assistant professor D. Kubeisinova and E. Menlimuratova “ What ways of classroom management in teaching English can we use in ESP auditorium ?” an article in “ Knowledge and education in Karakalpakistan ” journal , E. Menlimuratova “ On issues of a great variety of self- work at the system of practical classes on foreign languages to the non- philological faculty students , the article in “ Bulletin”, the journal of Karakalpak state university , M . Saparniazova and D. Seitnazarova “ Semantic correlation of prepositions in different languages in “ Bulletin”,A. Embergenova and M. Kalabaeva “ Application of intensive methods in teaching English at Higher educational institutions “, the article in international scientific – practical journal “ Forum of young scientists” and the article “ Innovation technologies in teaching English at higher educational institutions “ in “ Theory and practice of modern science “.
A lot of scientific articles are also published in Republic scientific journals , Karakalpak state university ‘s publications such as : “ Bulletin”, “ Koreanstudy in Usbekistan“, “ Knowledge and education in Karakalpakstan”, “ A teacher and continuous education” by assistant professors as Kubeisinova D.T., Jollibekova M.R., a senior teacher Eskaraeva S., assistant teachers Menlimuratova E., Saparniasova M. A., Seitnazarova D.X., Allaniazova G. A., Moldakhmedova Z.K., Abdimuratova N.P., Mambetova I. J., Torebaeva F. K., Bekmuratova N. A., Babanazarova G. J.
During academic year , a great number of educational and educational- methodical manuals were published :
1. I .Mambetova , S. Samarov “ System analysis : Theory and practice issues ( monograph, volume- 13,7 print units ). “ Stars of literature” -2017
2. M. Jollibekova , S . Masharipova “ Methods of using game technology in the process of developing speech culture of students and learners “ , educational- methodic manual “ MirazizNukus” Ltd. Corp. publishing house.
3. M. Kalabaeva , M. Jollibekova , S. Dauletnazarova , G. Allaniazova “ Oil and gas production” , educational- methodic manual ( MirazizNukus publication). Nukus -2017 .volume- 4,7 print unit)
4. On the co-authorship of M.Kalabaeva, A.Esmurzaeva, A.Embergenova “The world of idioms” was published.
5. On the authorship of Z.Moldakhmetova the brief English Uzbek dictionary of law – term was published
6. On the authorship of N.Abdimuratova the teaching manual “Forming of the social-cultural competence of future English teachers” was published.
7. On the co-authorship of D.Kubeysinova and N.Bekmuratova the “Dictionary of Physics” was published
8. On the co-authorship of D.Kubeysinova and J.Taspanova the teaching manual “Mass Media” was published
9. On the co-authorship of S.Eskaraeva, F.Torebaeva, N.Bekmuratova, G.Babanazarova the teaching manual “English through songs” was published
10. on the co-authorship of Z.Moldakhmetova and R.Eshanova the brief dictionary of geographical terms was published
11. On the co-authorship of Z.Moldakhmetova and R.Eshanova the teaching manual “”English texts on Geodesy for students” was published.
12. On the authorship of I.Mambetova the teaching manual “Pedagogical – psychological principles of preparing and use of multimedia source connected with teaching of foreign language” was published.
13. On the co-authorship of E.Menlimuratova, S.Eskaraeva, K.Kunnazarova and M.Utebaev the dictionary “Multilingual dictionary for Law students” was published.
14. On the co-authorship of A.Bayniyazov, G.Babanazarov and S.Dawletnazarova the brief dictionary “English – Karakalpak brief dictionary of sport terms” was published.
15. On the authorship of D.Kubeysinova the monograph “syntactic-semantic peculiarities of personal pronouns in the sentence structure of modern English language” was published.
The fore defend teachers of the department are I.Mambetova. The theme of the scientific work is “The methodical – didactic basis of preparing and use of multimedia studying presentations in teaching foreign language” (by the example of materials of the Republic of Karakalpakstan). Code: 13.00.02. – the methods and the theory of education and upbringing (in the directions). Scientific supervisor: prof. S.Samarov, phD
Abdimuratova N.P. The theme of the scientific work is “Forming of the social-cultural competence of future English teachers” Code: 13.00.01. – the theory and the history of pedagogics. The management of the education. Scientific supervisor: prof. S.K.Annamuratova, phD
Khabipova R.A. The theme of the scientific work is “Instrumental syntaxems in English and Karakalpak languages”. Code: 10.00.06. – comparative study of literature, comparative linguistics and study of translation. Scientific supervisor: prof. of SamIoFL U.Usmanov

Works published by professor-teachers of the chair

In 2017 there was published a monograph by an assistant of the department I.Mambetovatogether with R.Samandarovunder the title “Systems Analysis: Problems of Theory and Practice”. In pedagogical work, the use of system analysis leads to an increase in the efficiency of the educational process. These problems are studied in the monograph as a result of the study of real teaching practice.
The educational-methodical manual entitled “Pedagogical-psychological principles of preparation and use of multimedia sources related to the teaching of a foreign language” is intended for teachers of higher educational institutions, academic colleges and professional colleges. The manual can serve as an important tool when teaching students groups of students in the Karakalpak language.
This methodological manual is made up of various didactic, plot clips and phonetic, musical and didactic games. The book is recommended for the development of oral speech of students and students of English and Russian oral speech, as a practical assistant for teachers of higher educational institutions.
The textbook “English Texts on Geodezy for students” is intended for students studying geodesy in higher educational institutions. The manual is based on assistance in teaching English to students of the specialty 5311500 geodesy, cartography and cadastre. Also, this manual can be used by undergraduates and senior scientific applicants and all teachers on the Englishsubject, when teaching students in the specialityof geodesy.
This manual is developed for the students of higher educational establishments and meets the requirements of state educational standards. Materials given in the manual are designed be revealing modern songs. Here the authors tried to use different tasks to enrich students’ range of vocabulary as well as grammar competence/ Appropriate for students and teachers.
The teaching aid by D. Kubeisinova andN. Bekmuratova under the name “Dictionary of Physics” was published. This methodical textbook includes the translation of titles into English, explanations of some formulas in English and a lot of information relating to the specialty of physics. The manual can be used by students and teachers of higher educational specialties.
The educational manual of professors-teachers of the department Z. Moldakhmetova and R. Eschanova under the title “A brief dictionary of geographic terms” was published in 2018. This textbook is aimed at students studying geography in higher education. Also, each word in the dictionary is given in four languages: English-Russian-Karakalpak-Uzbek, the sequence of words are arranged in alphabetical order.
An educational and methodological manual published by D. Kubeysinova and J.Taspanova under the name “Mass media” for students of speciality of journalism had been published. This teaching aid was created with the goal that English is important for the speciality of journalism of the Faculty of Karakalpak Philology and so that they can acquire for themselves the necessary information on the specialtiy in the future and to study all four skills equally.
A scientific monograph of the associate professor of the chair D. Kubeysinovaentitled “Syntax-semantic features of personal pronouns in the structure of sentences of modern English” was published in 2018. This monograph is intended for students of the philological specialty, undergraduates and graduate students, as well as philologists working in the field of syntax of Roman-Germanic languages.