On December 23, 2022, groups 205 and 207 of the Department of English Linguistics of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of KSU had Reading contest initiated by one of the most knowledgeable and creative teachers of our department Badirova D.

The purpose of the event was to encourage students to read more, enrich their lexical resource and enlarge their scope. It is known that youngsters’ reading habits are disappearing nowadays. In order to change this situation and remind students the importance of reading, students of the groups 205 and 207 were divided and went through several steps to be winners. We can see how they immersed themselves in this task by impressive decorations which they prepared and suitable atmosphere. First task was answering tricky Jeopardy game questions made from five books, that students had read beforehand. Second task was answering much more complicated questions from books individually. The highlight of the contest was third task which was performing Role plays from any of those books.Students of both groups did their best, even went extra miles to get the first place. In the end of the contest, students’ effort was taken into consideration and active participants and winner groups were awarded with certificates and prizes by professionals.

In short, the contest was full of funny and intriguing moments but what was paramount is that students’ hidden talents were shown thanks to this contest as well as it was great opportunity for students to improve their both reading and oral skills simultaneously. We do hope that this contest will be a role model and make students prone to be engrossed in reading in the future.

Faculty of Foreign Languages,

Department of English Linguistics 2nd year student Muratbaeva Aynura