The Chinese language and Culture events were held at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of KSU. The purpose of this event was to introduce KSU students to Chinese culture and plunge into the Chinese atmosphere.

In his speech, the Dean of the faculty Djavod Kurbanbayev noted that the cooperation between the two countries of China and Uzbekistan is consistently expanding and deepening in all spheres, including in the field of culture and education. Therefore, the popularity of the Chinese language among young people is growing, which helps them to learn Chinese with great interest and immerse themselves in the unique Chinese culture.

During the party, it was possible to watch a concert program: traditional Chinese chants and dances, national costumes of women and men, and participate in a quiz, where all guests actively participated in it. There were several workshops and exhibitions: everyone could learn how to write hieroglyphs with a brush, and get acquainted with the traditional art of paper cutting.