Intercultural communication within Korean Week

Teachers of the Department of English language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are about to turn students’ ordinary week into unforgettable one. It is known that the students of this department learn second languages such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French and German as well.

Purpose of the event is to feel a whole week of Korean vibe. So, students are going to spend this week efficiently.  Korean week scheduled to the date on December 5th of 2022. Furthermore, it sounds so fascinating and attractive.  During the first day students can show Korean national dance and traditional songs. In addition, spectators can enjoy and plump into ancient Korea.

On the 6th of December you are welcome to show your talent. In this day all students of this Department are able to show energetic k-pop songs or dances.

The final stage of Korean Week is to Korean chewy traditional food “Kimbap”. You can taste it and feel Korean cuisine on the 7th of December.

These coming Korean days are planned properly. To begin with traditional atmosphere and follow with modern one and the final is yummy Kimbaps. Obviously, participants who prepared perfectly will be awarded in each stage.