William Shakespeare’s Life

Man is always striving for great riddles and mysteries. On November 18, 2022, first year students of the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages from the Chimbay branch of KSU tried to solve one of the mysteries. Everyone knows that the personality of William Shakespeare is amazing. Unfortunately, there are no reliable sources telling about the life and work of this man. But the students tried to make a portrait of Shakespeare based on an analysis of his life and work.

The main purpose of the event was to familiarize students with English literature and stylistic analysis of the writing style, genre of writers, their works and presentation of ideas.

The literature party was dedicated to the works of William Shakespeare, therefore the participants recited sonnets of the great poet, which are genuine masterpieces of world lyrics, read a monologue from the tragedy “Hamlet”, as well as scenes based on “Romeo and Juliet”, considered one of the main works, were performed by the 1st year students in English.

A number of events aimed at increasing students’ confidence and competence were also held. It was an amazing show that included various events, such as a drawing contest, dance and singing events, a couple of themed role-playing games. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

All guests warmly thanked to the organizers and participants of the literary party.  There is no doubt that such events unite students of different branches and directions, and, most importantly, arouse their interest and love for poetry, literature, and art.