Fall Season party celebrated at specialized school #37 of the city of Nukus

On November 1st, 2022 at specialized school #37, the Fall Season party has been celebrated by organizing several activities with the 4th year of students from the Department of English language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Karakalpak State University.

There were organized various activities related to English language and culture, which purpose is to strengthen and enhance even more the English language in this school. This celebration engaged the creative pupils in order to have fun and improve their oral skills. As always, all participants had an extraordinary quality time together.

 Party was started with introduction with pupils of school. Pupils learnt by heart lots of poems to welcome guests. They were well prepared and charged with energy of knowledge.

Secondly, pupils took part in activities, which were prepared by 4th year students. Activities were to improve English listening, speaking skills, in which pupils showed their curious and hard work.

These activities were really helpful to them to work in a group, discuss and share ideas with each other, so that it helped them to enhance their communicative skills. They were separated into several groups, participated in activities as a whole group, which can be considered as a really group work.

The third part of this Fall season party, was dedicated to widen pupils’ logical intelligence. 4th year students prepared logical questions that help to broaden their intelligence.

Questions that were given to pupils were in various topics, including English grammar questions about exceptions, logical ideas about motivational mindset, quotes of entrepreneurs, questions about subject lessons and so on.  This kind of activity made them think out of the box, think big and widen their viewpoint to the world. Even the questions were complicated enough, they managed to solve them and answer correctly.

The concluding part of the party was even more funny and thrilling. As a matter of fact, it turned out that pupils rehearsed lots of dances for the guests and some pupils drew paintings, showing their previous works. While others made posters of great English poets, authors of famous works. All in all, it was a great opportunity for pupils to show their talents.

We can say that if these kind of parties are held at schools every month, it will help pupil to know and learn The most Global spoken language in the World and they will be motivated to work hard and hit the books.