Motivational lesson

Our government is focusing on the quality of every lesson at universities and institutions and that’s why they are coining new methods of teaching and holding demo lessons in order to motivate students to study. On this purpose, there has been a demo lesson in the faculty of Foreign languages with the students of 115th group of the department of English language and literature. The teacher of the subject Writing, Tleumuratova Darikha, who is an assistant teacher of the same department, organised demo lesson with the group on the theme “Linking words”. She explained the usage of the linking word in writing and gave tips about how to use them. She also told about the types of linking words and in which construction they are used.


She organised several interesting interactive games with the student. Student divided into groups and wrote made up stories with linking words according to the pictures they were given. This task helped students to extend their creativity and mindset. Writing new story in minutes teaches you think quickly and make grammar construction correctly. They also tried to find linking words which were written on the paper behind them hearing the definition of their sub-group mates. The lesson was very successful and motivated students to learn new things with interactive way.


Kirkbaev Arislanbay, student of 115th group

The faculty of Foreign languages