Council of curators

Council of Curators of the Faculty
In our country are carried out spectacular activities on improvement of the educational process, the importance of students’ spare time. And the Curator’s / Tutor’s Council deals with all of this. The Department of Spirituality and Education performs responsible tasks in educating students, the faculty of foreign languages highly intellectually capable on the basis of an ideology of independence, faithful to our homeland and national values, as a person possessing ideological immunity against various bad habits and false currents during our globalization. In the performance of these duties, the Tutor’s Council of the Faculty occupies an important place. The works and plans of the Tutor’s Council were approved on August 30, 2018 at the meetings of the scientific council of faculty. A. Djumamuratov, Senior Lecturer of the Department of German Language and Literature was appointed as the Head of the Tutor’s   Council of the faculty. The Tutor’s Council of the faculty includes 7 members: assistants of the department of English language and literature V. Djumabaeva and A. Toleubaeva; assistant of the Department of German Language and Literature G.Babaeva; assistants of the Russian Language and Literature Department R.Allaniyazova and E.Sheribaev; assistant of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation S.Arzimbetova. There are 69 academic groups and 44 professors were appointed as a tutor.
The Tutor’s Council of Faculty conducts its activities on the basis of the developed plan. For instance, “Axborot va Murabbiylik soati” is monitored every Friday in the faculty. During the “Axborot va Murabbiylik soati” for 40 minutes, the tutors give information about  the socio-economic and political news of our republic prepared by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They also familiarize themselves with the rules of the internal order of the university and observe the education of students for 40 minutes. Discussions are held with students who are skipped lessons, identify the reasons for their absence. Educational work is underway with the parents of students who have violated the internal order of the university.
The tutors, being directly responsible, should conduct campaign and educational work with students with the aim of spending spare time, proper use of the Internet, and cultural behavior on a university scale.
In addition, at the end of each month, tutors based on the developed plan hold cultural events for meetings and interviews in order to instill in students feelings such as patriotism, hard working and spiritual morality.