The Constitution is the basis of our happiness

The Constitution is a symbol of our state and the foundation of our prosperous happy life that protects human rights. This year, in connection with the 27th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, large-scale celebrations are held in our Republic.

In particular, at the Palace of Culture of our University, with the participation of students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, a festive party called “The Constitution is the basis of our happiness” was held.

The introduction was made by Head of the Women’s Committee of the University I.Seytnazarova. Then, Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs of the Faculty of Law, Y.Abdreymov made a report about the Constitution. In addition, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages for Research and Innovation A.Musaev and Leader of the Youth Union of the University D.Abadanov made a speech, as well as many other teachers and students took part at the event.

The main purpose of the event was to show that the Constitution has a huge role in all the revivals, achievements that occurred in our country during these 27 years.

Students’ performing of dances of various nations, excellent reading of English, German, Russian, Turkmen poems by our writers, magical melodies performed by girls-buksi gave the event a festive spirit.

                                                                                                  Nilufar Abdullaeva,

                                                                  student of Foreign Languages Faculty.