Young linguists in the last days of autumn

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular national holidays in the United States. The main reason for this day, as the name implies, is the day when people gather at the same table with family members to give endless gratitude to the creator and his gifts, filling the table with their favorite dishes, fruits, and gifts.

Thanksgiving 1578 is celebrated in the United States and Canada, and then in the Caribbean and other European countries on the last Saturday of November, with high spirits receiving recognition from year to year. Thanks to Thanksgiving, the fact that on the distribution table (in almost all houses) there is a duck cooked on fire, potatoes, cranberry sauce, yellow and green autumn snacks makes dinner great.

Since the celebration of 2019 is scheduled for November 14 and 28, the states make various decorations, thanks to the “young linguists” who constantly monitor social networking sites, they set a goal to convey the spirit of Thanksgiving to students learning English. 3rd-year students of the Young Linguists Club shared valuable information about Thanksgiving to first-year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and reinforced students’ knowledge with interesting games. Lighting classrooms in the fall using visual aids was very useful for linguists, especially when students answered the question “Why are you thankful?” Writing down their answers to the pumpkin, awakened a sense of respect for other nations.

The celebration of this holiday coincides with the last week of the harvest season and made an indelible impression on us thanks to the fruits of golden autumn and gratitude. We are close to our goal if any initiatives of our youth contribute to the strengthening of interethnic harmony and friendship between peoples.

Elmira Biysenbaeva,

3rd year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.