5T Youth Forum in Samarkand

The 4-year students of Karakalpak State University of Foreign Languages Faculty, Department of the English Language and Literature Baltabayeva Dilfuza and Sarsenbayeva Nargiza participated at 5T Youth Forum which was held in Samarkand, on October 19-20.

5T Youth Forum was dedicated to the 5 initiatives that our President had put forward. The Forum included: Culture and Art, Health and Sport, Computer Technologies, Reading, Providing Women with Employment, also the most leading sphere in Uzbekistan Tourism and Business. 400 students attended this youth forum from all the country and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The main aim was to assemble the youth in one place and share opinions with each other. During two days we had a discussion with peers and travelled around Samarkand, especially visited historical places.

At the closing ceremony of the Forum all the participants were awarded with Certificates.

Baltabayeva Dilfuza,

 the 4 – year student of KSU  of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Department of the English Language and Literature.