“New opportunities from the British Council for KSU”

In the framework of the new international project EMI (English as a medium of instruction), a training seminar was held in Tashkent on October 14-15, 2019, where the teachers of the Faculty of Economics Z.Tazheekeev and R.Eshniyazov from the Faculty of Construction, and also the teachers of Foreign Languages Faculty Najimova G. and Toleubayeva A. took an active participation.

The EMI (English medium instruction) is one of the two projects of new program Employability for Higher Education that has been launched by the British Council and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It aims to develop a strategy for teaching programs and subjects in English and developing a national plan for the widespread implementation of such a strategy in partnership with leading experts from the UK. This is a three-year program which aims to help universities to

  • internationalize their offer and prepare their students for a globalized job market
  • meet the needs of international and culturally diverse students, the number of which is growing year by year
  • identify the university’s needs and capacity around EMI through research
  • revise standards to align to labor market and relevant to the needs of students
  • prepare EMI trainers and experts to train other educators to teach their subject matter effectively through English
  • establish direct partnerships with UK institutions
  • form a group of EMI teachers who will acquire specialized knowledge, skills and expertise
  • develop effective methodology and techniques to suit students’ learning needs
  • develop effective teaching and assessment materials to improve the content of courses/programs and to ensure an innovative learning process
  • develop national strategy and capacity to roll out EMI

For experimental training of students of different spheres, the faculty of economics has been chosen to teach specialized subjects in English by teachers Tazhekeyev Z. and Yeshniyazov R. in collaboration with the representatives of Foreign Languages Faculty Najimova G. and Toleubayeva A.

G.Najimova, А.Toleubayeva,

 teachers of Foreign Languages Faculty.