#ona_tilim_faxrim My Language is my Friend

Ramuza Kdyrniyazovna Allanazova, an intern-teacher of the Russian Language and Literature Department at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, conducted a lesson on the theme “My Language is My Friend” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the state language of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The lesson was held for the first – year students of the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemical Technology.

It was noted that the Uzbek language is a mirror of the nation. On October 21 our people celebrate the day of the Uzbek language. The Uzbek language is the official language of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the language of interethnic communication.

The teacher explained the history of the development of the Uzbek language: the Ancient Turkic language, the Old Turkic language, the Old Uzbek literary language, the Modern Uzbek literary language, the Uzbek language received the status of the state language of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At the lesson there were held quizzes, the contest “best reader”, the students presented their talents. The active students of the lesson were Orazimbetov Sh., Kuzdebayev N., Turganbayev A., Bazarbayev S., Aytmuratova A., Zhaksymov A.. The lesson was attended by Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs of Chemical – Technological Faculty Sultanov G.A..

Allaniyazova R.K. finished her lesson with the words of K.Ushinsky: “The language of the people is the best, never fading and ever-blossoming color of his entire spiritual life. The best and even the only way to penetrate the character of a nation is to learn its language.”

Ramuza Allaniyazova,

Intern-teacher of the Russian Language  and Literature Department of the  

 Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Barno Saribayeva,

the 3-year student of the Faculty of Industrial Technology.