Fruitful collaboration

At the Department of English Language and Literature of Karadalpak State University named after Berdakh, the leading teachers of the University of World Languages, Professor Akhmedova Laylo Tolibzhonovna and Ph.D.  Normuradova Valentina Ivanovna are explaining  students how to teach English lessons by using innovative  methods and technologies. At the department, students are taught in various directions such as: English language and literature, philology and language training, and modern linguistics (English).

Akhmedova Laylo Tolibzhonovna is presenting  using modern methods and technologies in English classes to students on the direction of English and literature. In turn, on the remaining two directions, Normuradova Valentina Ivanovna is  teaching students to use innovative methods of the integrated approach to teaching foreign language skills. In addition, they provide valuable advice to 4-year students and undergraduates in their further scientific research works.

It is also planned to conduct seminars for graduate students and teachers of the department on student assessment, lesson analysis and an integrated teaching approach.Aliya Tolewbayeva,assistant -teacher of English language and literature department.

Aliya Tolewbayeva,

assistant -teacher of English language and literature department.