A real education worker, a true teacher and mentor

Today, the education system is undergoing a radical change in reforms, great attention is paid to teachers and mentors. And we have to emphasize that the role of our tutors and mentors is great in teaching foreign languages, in teaching various special formation, young people who with great hope and faith are entering the threshold of the future. And one of such faithful teachers and mentors is the associate professor of the Department of English Language and Literature – Genjemurat Tleumuratov. For his 45-year teaching experience, he was only busy teaching English to our youth. In 2011, he successfully defended his thesis on “Historical morphology and word formation of the English language.” He wrote 2 textbooks, more than 20 scientific articles and more than 50 abstracts were published by him. Our esteemed mentor Genjemurat Tleumuratov was awarded the highest honor “Honorary Worker of the Education Sector of the Republic of Karakalpakstan” and was awarded a medal. And on a this solemn occasion, the staff of the faculty sincerely congratulates him on receiving a high rank. We wish him good health, long life and great success in scientific and pedagogical activities.

 The staff of the faculty.