At the museum of great people

The spring of the karakalpak literature, art and culture – it is the treasure which fastened to the centuries. We французcomprehend that a lot of persons devoted themselves to save it purely, greatly and uniquely. There are lots of sightseeings in our country and museums play a main role among them.
Shamuratov’s house museum – it is the first house museum in our country and there you can see a number of exhibitions which describe labour of the beloved artists Shamuratov’s to improve the cultural heritage.
We, the first year students of the faculty of foreign languages in speciality theory and practice of translation went to this museum due to our practical work, and to celebrate “Museum’s day” and also because of our love to the culture.
According to the Ayimgul Shamuratova (the daughter of the Shamuratov’s, the director of the museum)  “Amet Shamuratov worked dedicatedly  and unselfishly as a writer, poet and translator,  and Ayimkhan Shamuratova is the symbol of the courage, faithfulness, patience of the karakalpak women”.
Ayimkhan Shamuratova became an untimely widow at the early age (when she was 36), but she could brought up her children and became  a prominent specialist of her profession. She will remain in our memory as the symbol of the woman who unite courage of Tumaris, bravery of Gulayim, intelligence of Kumar ana.
When we looked through the exhibitions, some informations attracted us about the life and Labour of Amet Shamuratov as a poet, writer, translator, statesman and human. Especially, a letter in the section of the “gratitude and congratulations” remained in our mind deeply- it is the letter of gratitude of the head commander Stalin to Ayimkhan Shamuratova for help of karakalpak theatre community during World War II.
Actually, the symbols of the courage, eloquence, candidness, labouring, faithfulness who can be an example to us neither in the far, nor abroad nor in the film’s, they are among us, in our country!