Achievements of young linguists

Following gathering of Young Linguists was taken place on May 4. In this event, our students of Foreign Languages Faculty, Djumamuratov Kuanishbay and Ernazarova Ayzada who had recently participated in Regional Spelling Bee in Bishkek were invited. They shared their experience and impressions with auditorium. At the end of the event, Kuanishbay Djumamuratov informed that he would be organizing a Master class soon. In his speech, he highlighted above mentioning:
“in this Master Class, participants will be given further information about Spelling Bee. Furthermore, I will be sharing some of my hints and tricky ways in correct spelling”.
At the end of his speech, he considered Spelling Bee a priority to be organized in University so as to improve students’ abilities in English orthography and pronunciation; and he is in belief that the contest will be supported by the University staff.
G. Najimova