Young Linguists Club

A club of young linguists was established at Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh. The activities of the Young Linguists Club are aimed at strengthening the scientific and theoretical knowledge of students as well as researchers who work at Karakalpak State University at improving the quality of research.
The main objectives of the club “Young Linguists” are to enhance students’ knowledge of linguistics and inform them on the news in the field of linguistics, to improve students’ skills by conducting regular meetings and seminars on modern language issues and acquaint members of the Young Linguists Club with research works in the linguistic areas of the University. At the same time, they regularly introduce members of the club and share their experience with academic success, invite linguistic experts working at the University and cooperate with higher educational institutions, as well as organize regular online conferences for students and linguists. As a result of contests which are held to support students – linguists, the best students’ scientific articles and theses of scientific conferences are published in scientific journals.     The responsible executives for the promotion of the club are Head of the Department for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Enlightenment I. Jumanyazov, Leader of the Primary Organization of the Youth Union of the University N. Pirnazarov, assistant – teacher of Foreign Languages Faculty G.Najimova.


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