Welcome to English Club

The enthusiastic students of Foreign  languages faculty of  Karakalpak State University  happily announce that the English club named “YOUNG LINGUISTCS” has already began its action in 5th April on Friday afternoon. Previous course of the club organized perfectly and the students of  NATURALISTS  faculty participated in this section with great bravery.  During the lesson studious students of foreign languages taught  their peers with lots of activities and exercises surely in control of the teacher Gulayim Batirjanovna.  This club includes all the English skills such as Listening, Reading, Writing and of course Speaking. In additional, students can get knowledge on writing articles in English language  and also they can publish them  in foreign  newspapers or magazines by free.  After all courses an exam will  wait for you. The active and successful  students who pass exams successfully will be awarded with certifications and get many unexpected chances which organized by “YOUNG LINGUISTICS’ club’s members.
That’s a great chance which may never repeat again in your life. If our club can help you to enlarge your knowledge in English we will achieve our main goal !!!
Faculty of foreign languages